project part 2
Updated: 6/3/2021
project part 2

Storyboard Text

  • 2. Umm it was the Firefighters for outside.4. What makes you say that hahaha.6. yes I am, I didn't take my pills got to go take them.
  • 1.Mom I heard you call someone.3. What! the firefighters are not at work. are you hiding something?5. Um your acting weird today .
  • 1.There is someone calling me .3. Hello who is this?5. No my dad died.7. okay .
  • phone..........
  • 2. Hello.4. This is your father.6. No I am still alive listen to me go away from America faster.
  • 2. What happened?4. okay { said confusly }
  • 1. MOM 3. I have no time to explain pack your we are gonna go to west Germany.
  • So why did you let us here .what!
  • Dad called me.
  • 4. Boys { said angerly}
  • 1. I guess this is our house for the rest of the war.3. It is the only thig idiot.
  • 2. This is a stupid house.
  • 1. What is going on here.3. What the war is over.
  • 2. What is going on the party is on the war is over.