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frankenstein's job interview (byronic hero)
Updated: 9/30/2020
frankenstein's job interview (byronic hero)
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  • The madness that people go through for verification of their intelligence through a job interview is pitiful. I quite despise the norms of society. The teachings through school is unnecessary as it has brought nothing but nonsense to my life as I had to teach myself the truth of science. However, I must get going to my interview that I am certain, without question, I will succeed in. With my extent of knowledge, no one will compare.
  • Why, Mr. Frankenstein, it is unfortunate to see you late to your interview. Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to meet you.
  • Nonsense, I believe time is relative. No need for handshakes, I find them revolting.
  • Well, growing up, I was given quite a lot, actually. My parents always gave me love and attention. After witnessing the beauty of electricity, it gave me inspiration to be in the science field. I find myself to be an outcast and not find the norms of society to be very interesting.
  • Alright... To begin with, tell me about yourself.
  • I surround myself in work all the time and almost never see the light of day. More people should have the drive and motivation that I have.
  • Of course not! Are you insane? The audacity of some people...
  • I guess you could see it in that way. Do you not think of it as a negative trait that you work so hard?
  • I guess, possibly, the beast I created that killed my brother and I now fear my life from... I mean... You didn't hear any of that, it was purely for science. I believe that qualifies me for this job and how serious I will take it.
  • Interesting... I think I've had enough of this interview. I can conclude, with all my heart, that you are not fit for this position.
  • Well, can you think of a time where overworking yourself led to a negative result?
  • SLAM!
  • That is an illogical decision on your part! I didn't need the job anyway, I'm better off on my own. It was insane of me to come here to validate my intelligence, that I clearly have.
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