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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Mr.White was playing chess with his son. Mr.White has just made a bad move and was trying to cover it up so his son wouldn't now how silly it was of him to make that move.
  • Mrs.Whites said"theirs some one walking up to the door". "Knock knock" said the man. Mr.White opened the door and the man introduced him self as Sargent Major Morris.
  • Mr.White invited Sargent Major Morris in to their home to sit by the fire. The Sargent started to tell the story of the money paws. Sargent Major said " it just an ordinary paw dried to a mummy but it has a little magic behind it".Sargent Major starts to tell the family about the paw and what the story behind it is and that 3 men can have 3 wishes and 2 men have already wished there wishes.
  • Well then Sargent started to through the paw in the fire and Mr. White stopped him and took it and Sargent told Mr.White to be careful what you wish for. Mr.Whites first wish was to have 2 hundred pounds. The next day when their son left for work he never returned.
  • There was another stranger at the door Mr.White invited him inside. Mrs.White was scared because the man looked as if he had bad news. The man said I'm sorry but your son has died from being caught in a peace machinery the company would like to give you 2 hundred pounds for what has happen. He was berried 2 miles away in the secretary down the rode from the house.
  • It has been a few days since there son has died ad Mrs.White just had an idea. She said" Mr.White you only used 1 wish you still have two left. Wish are son back wish him back now". SO Mr.White wished him back and later that night something was at the door and they invited it in and Mr.and Mrs White were never to be seen again.
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