Bethany Yellowtail
Updated: 11/23/2019
Bethany Yellowtail

Storyboard Text

  • these earrings should be worth more. The time it took you to bead them and just to sell for $15
  • My Indigenous culture should be raised in awareness that way people know who we are. All of our products will be handmade and would have a reasonable value
  • This is a special for me and my website. I would officially announced that my website was a success. Many things where sold out on the first day. I just wanted to show the people that we Native Americans still have a value in this community
  • Bethany tells the guy that the earrings should be worth more since the time it took him to bead them together.
  • She went back home to think of how to raise the awareness of people of her culture. At the end she decided to create website where indigenous clothing would be valued. Each piece would be hand made.
  • She had an interview on her website. The grand opening of her website was on her 26th birthday. It was a very special day to her. Almost everything sold out.