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The Stone by Meinhard Gutierrez
Updated: 9/18/2018
The Stone by Meinhard Gutierrez
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  • There was a cottager named Maibon. One day, he was riding his horse and suddenly he saw a really old man
  • When he went back home to his wife Modrona, He realized that he doesn't wanna get old. He is worried of being weak
  • Maibon saw something weird at the forest. As he walked towards it, it was a dwarf stuck in a log. He saved him and pulled him out
  • The dwarf thanked Maibon for helping him. For a reward, he gave him something he wants. Maibon wanted a magical stone that can make you stay the same age forever. the dwarf warned him and didn't want to give it to him, but Maibon wanted that stone. the dwarf gave it to him
  • When Maibon came back home and told his wife Modrona, she was angry! She was worried if the babies won't grow their tooth. When Maibon realized that nonthing was happening, chicks were not craking, seeds aren't growing, he wanted to get rid of it, nut deep inside of him, he still wants it.
  • Maibon asked the dwarf how to get rid of it. The dwarf said " I warned you". Anyway, the dwarf just told him to throw it away. Maibon ran to the fence, and threw it as hard as possible. when it happended, every thing was back to normal. The baby was growing its tooth, and chicks were cracking out of the eggs, ect. THE END
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