Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • What do you think you would do in this scenario?
  • Can u give me names of different students and ask them to participate in a replication of this sensory deprivation research.
  • Flyers are posted in the campus cafeteria
  • Should I whistleblow?
  • The first sample of 138 students was a comparison group. They were informed about the study and asked to predict what they would do and what the average student at the university would do.
  • The experimenter asked for the participants to provide names of fellow students. They were then presented with a cover story about unethical research on sensory deprivation and asked to recommend students too take part in a replication of this research without mentioning the negative side effects.
  • The experimenter left the participants alone for 3 minutes so they could gather their thoughts and decide what to do.
  • Results showed that students predicted that 3.6% of them would obey, 31.9% - disobey, 64.5% - whistleblow. When asked what the average student would do they predicted that 18.8% would obey, 43.9% - disobey, 37.3% -whistleblow.In reality, 76.5% obeyed, 14.1% disobeyed and 9.4% whistleblew.