A Mountain Journey

Updated: 10/12/2021
A Mountain Journey

Storyboard Text

  • Falling Action 1
  • Falling Action 2
  • They will see my trail and come and get me.
  • Falling Action 3
  • "Then he remembered that he was on his way to MacMoran's cabin on Terrace Creek. MacMoran would be waiting for him. He tried to rise, but his arms stayed still at his side."
  • Resolution
  • "They would come and get him, Conroy thought~Macdonald, MacMoran, someone would come and get him."
  • "Later, the pale cold sun was high in the sky. It shone full upon him. But the light of the sun was dim, as if a brighter light shone from behind it and the sunlight was its shadow."
  • "He could not see across the valley now, where the white cottage with the open door and the green trees had been. The world was growing small, dying slowly in the darkness of the sunlight."