Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • ExpositionThis is everyone you will see in the story. The little girl is Zoë, The guy in jacket is Henry (zoë's uncle), the guy in scrubs is Fred, Henry's assistant, and the girl in the living room is Bessie, Fred's wife.
  • This is Cmere, the cat Zoë knows about but not Henry.
  • This is Bessie, or as you know Fred's wife. She had been in the hospital and she then later died, but throughout the story, her, Henry, and Zoë were all great friends. Everyone was devastated when she had passed.
  • The setting in the book "WIld Things by Clay Carmichael", takes place in sugar hill. A cat named C'mere has lived there for years, but since his previous owners, Zoe's grandfather, he doesn't trust humans much, anymore.
  • Setting & History about the cat
  • Zoe has mainly taken care if herself for almost her whole life. She learned how to pay bills from her mama's friends, who were there for her. The cat that Zoe takes care starts to trust her unlike she did with many. During that time, she had met a deer, a guy was with that deer and turns out it was someone they all knew. Bessie before her last days had went to go confront him. Curtis, a hunter catches them, where someone is about to be shot by Hargrove. Instead he had put the gun down, Zoe then jumps onto the mayor and breaks her arm in the process of getting him. She had woke up in the hospital with Bessie.
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • When Zoe went home, WIl filler her room with all the carvings from the cabin she found. Wil gives her a cigar box from the cabin with some pictures in it. One of the photo showed a little boy with a mother and a father. Zoe looked up and Wil is gone. She then realizes that the boy in the picture was Wil and the two parents are hers. Which means WIl had been her brother.
  • Conflict
  • Zoe had arguments and many disagreements with Herself, and Uncle Henry, but also The Mayor.
  • Zoe and the cat are both the narrators. In the story Zoe talks about what's happening and the cat goes from what it sees throughout. The cat senses all the feelings of Zoe and becomes connected to her.
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