Unknown Story
Updated: 2/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Chapter 1
  • Hey Khalil
  • How you been Starr
  • Chapter 2
  • What you pull me over for!
  • Chapter 3
  • Khalil found Starr at big D's party. They started to talk about what they been up too. As they were talking gun shots go off at the party. Khalil and Starr get out of there and go to Khalil's car. Khalil got pulled over.
  • Chapter 4
  • yes I'll go down
  • okay babygirl
  • Khalil kept asking the cop why he pulled him over. The cop tells him to get out of the car. The cop starts to pat him down. Then he told him not to move. Khalil moved and the cop shot him 3 times.
  • Chapter 5
  • now this is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down
  • Starr goes home with her family gets cleaned up. Then her dad takes her to bed and her mom starts to play with her hair until she fall asleep. When it's morning everyone really didn't say much about what happen last night. 
  • Chapter 6
  • Did Khalil comply?
  • Uncle Carlos's comes over and tells Starr mom and dad that she needs to come down to the station. They want to know the story. Maverick really didn't like that idea about talking to them.
  • Starr goes to school and she sees Chris. She didn't talk to him over spring break. while they were talking he is trying to make her smile and put her in a good mood.
  • smiles
  • Starr and her mom go down to the station. Her mom comes with her when they talk to Starr. The lady was asking all these question about Khalil and nothing about the cop.
  • he asked why he got pulled over