Updated: 11/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Ashh, Im so bored here, I want to go out with my friends
  • Im gioing to call my bestfriend and ask her if she want to go to the mall or something like that
  • Okay babe but come back early and call me, TAKE CARE
  • Yesss Jay say yes and Payton my boy bestfriend say yes too, we are going to the mall.
  • ¡Mom, Im going to the mall with Jay and Payton see you later!
  • In the mall...
  • Oh, Hey Jay and Payton
  • Oh, hi Manu
  • I dont know, I like everything from here
  • Okay mmm I want the pink drink
  • Girls, what you want for drink?
  • Mmmm, I want a vainilla frapuccino with a muffin
  • Okay Manu we love you see you tomorrow for school
  • Okay guys I need to go my momsay that I need to come back early
  • Okay Honey come to eat a snack
  • Mom Im back