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Updated: 11/29/2019
Unknown Story

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  • This word is relevant to this scene because it came from the chapter in which Hans' business starts picking up and he takes Liesel with him for help which Liesel enjoys.
  • Zufriedenheit—Happiness:Coming from happy—enjoying pleasure and contentment.Related words: joy, gladness,feeling fortunate or prosperous.
  • Verzeihung —Forgiveness:To stop feeling anger,animosity, or resentment.Related words: absolution,acquittal, mercy.
  • This word is relevant to this scene because in this chapter the mayor's wife catches Liesel stealing a book from her and she forgives Liesel for what she said.
  • This word is significant because in this scene, Rudy backed of a race because he was scared of losing.
  • Angst —Fear:An unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.Related words: terror, horror,panic, fright, alarm.
  • This word is portrayed when Rosa was holding Liesel's hand during the bombing. Even though they didn't speak, this gesture gave him comfort
  • Wort —Word:A meaningful unit of language / a promise / a short remark, statement,or conversation.Related words: term,name, expression.
  • Gelegenheit —Opportunity:A chance for advancement or progress.Related words:prospect, opening, break.
  • This word is used whenever Rosa takes Frau Holtzapfel's offer to stop spitting on her door.
  • Elend —Misery:Great suffering,unhappiness, and distress.Related words:anguish, torment, despair,wretchedness, desolation.
  • This word describes whenever the Nazis march the Jews through Mulching to the concentration camp.