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Unknown Story
Updated: 5/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Evolution on Bear Mountain
  • I don’t :/
  • I love this weather
  • Wow it’s really cold now
  • Finally!!
  • Brrrr......
  • This is the best weather ever!!
  • This is bear mountain, home of the famous species known as the colored pandas. Interestingly, this species contains two main phenotypes for fur color: pink and blue. However, the pink are most abundant as their fur is lighter and better for the great heat of bear mountain. The few blue ones must stay in the shade all day as their fur is very heavy.
  • I wonder why there’s not much of my pink friends anymore
  • One day, the climate on bear mountain began to change due to a shift in many natural forces. The temperature began to drop greatly, leaving the pink bears shivering and the blue bears very happy as they could now walk around without exhaustion from the heat. Their fur protected them from this new cold and rainy environment.
  • These kids nowadays have green fur!
  • Overtime, the mountain became very snowy and the pink bears were not doing very well. On the other hand, the blue bears were very happy with this new temperature change and began to produce more offspring than the pink ones.
  • Green bears are better :)
  • Whatever. Blue bears rock
  • Thousands of years later, bear mountain became entirely covered in snow. The pink bears were now in danger of extinction, but the blue bears, outnumbering the pink ones, were thriving as their coats were heavier and more protective for this new era of extreme cold.
  • During this time, a new mutation occurred within this group of bears which turned the bears’ fur into a light green color which gave them an even thicker coat, and more advantage than that of the blue bears. Over time, as the temperatures continued to drop, these bears also began to outnumber the blue ones and the pink bears became extinct.
  • In the next thousands of years, the population evolved into one comprised of both green and blue bears. The green ones outnumbered the blue ones, yet both still survive and can be seen today on bear mountain :)
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