Jonathan history project ($-$)
Updated: 2/2/2020
Jonathan history project ($-$)
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  • the quartering act act required the colonist to house British soldiers and to give them sugar water food etc.
  • The quartering act of 1765
  • you cant do that!
  • but we don't have the money.
  • this is a nice place. I think I will stay here. so you guys need to house me.
  • well you see there is this act where I can stay at a house and you guys need to give me food salt etc.
  • navigation and trade acts
  • this act had British take control of the trades between the colonist and other nations.
  • the sugar act had British help protect the colonist from other people in order to raise the money.
  • the sugar act
  • the stamp act of 1765 had business men and lawyers buy special stamps and put them on certain items. without no stamps, some items were illegal.
  • The stamp act of 1765.
  • WHAT WHY?!
  • So there is a act where I can stamp certain items to raise the price.
  • On the night of march 5,1770 a crowd of civilians were taunting a bunch of brithish soilders and throwing snowballs and stones. eventualy one of the soilders got knocked out and then they shot the people. 5 people were killed and 6 were wounded.
  • the Boston massacre
  • The tea act of 1773
  • the Boston tea party was a event when a ship full of tea arrived hundreds of men dressed up as native Americans and boarded the ship. when they were on the ship they threw the tea overboard. the British were not happy about that.
  • throw the tea overboard. we will make the British get what they deserve.
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