Natural Selection

Updated: 2/18/2021
Natural Selection

Storyboard Text

  • #1 Overproduction
  • #2 Variation
  • #3 Enviornment
  • The overproduction of small winged bats is a disadvantage to the bat population because the smaller wings are harder to fight off the predators.
  • #4 Struggle
  • The variation is that over time the large winged bats have migrated from areas with too many predators, that they can't handle.
  • #5 Selection
  • The long wings on the bats help with fighting off predators like owls and racoons
  • #6 Differential Reproduction
  • The short-winged bats struggled with fighting off the predators
  • The short-winged bats die-off from natural selection leaving only long-winged bats.
  • The long-winged bats reproduced more and the short-winged bats didn't as much