Plant Reproduction
Updated: 4/29/2020
Plant Reproduction

Storyboard Text

  • Man, looking at all these flowers makes me hungry for nectar!
  • Little did this pollinator realize he was about to start the process of pollination!
  • Here's a nice flower. Yum...
  • As the bee helped himself to the nectar, some pollen from the flower's anther(which is part of the stamen, the male reproductive organ).
  • This flower's almost out of nectar. I'll go to another one.
  • As the bee helped himself to the nectar, the pollen that was on the bee fell onto the flower's stigma.
  • This one looks appetizing. Yum...
  • The pollen on the stigma then fell down the style where it eventually reached the ovary. The pollen turned into sperm cells and fertilized the ovary, where pollination has been completed!
  • Ovary
  • Style