Reader's Workshop
Updated: 11/7/2020
Reader's Workshop

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  • What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?
  • I... Uh...
  • You?
  • She's just a girl. She's my age! I didn't want to watch her get killed.
  • She is the enemy. And I guarantee that had your roles been reversed, she would not have hesitated to let you die.
  • Because I'm thinking of leaving the Cloak Society.
  • Alex saves Kirbie from the fire hydrant Titan threw at her. Titan is angry while Kirbie is shocked. Alex doesn't know why, but it seemed just like a reflex.
  • You are going to meet Kirbie now, aren't you? You're going to warn her about the attack.
  • Back at Cloak's underground base, Alexander Knight gets interrogated by his mother about why he saved Kirbie, who was supposed to be his enemy.
  • Are you going to try to stop them?
  • Yeah, I have to.
  • When the Cloak members get a chance to go outside, Alex encounters Kirbie again and says it to pacify Kirbie.
  • Whoa, hold on. It's okay. She's fine. She's just sleeping.
  • No, no, no, no. Not Misty. No, please.
  • What Alex said to Kirbie begins to become real. When the Cloak members plan an attack, Alex finds out from Gage of the real severity and casualties it may cause. Alexander rushes to warn Kirbie..
  • Alex gets caught meeting Kirbie. While the High Council leaves to initiate the plan to fight the Rangers of Justice, Alex escapes from his restraints and tells Misty that he needs to stop their plan.
  • Alex failed to stop Cloak's plan and the leaders all disappeared, leaving only the Junior Rangers. The tower had collapsed, forcing Misty to use more of her powers than she can manage for them all to escape.
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