Skill Sets
Updated: 1/8/2021
Skill Sets

Storyboard Text

  • Skill sets are sets of skills that you have that help you in life! If you know how to count/add/subtract, MATH would be the skill set you have!
  • We all have different skill sets, and some of us are better at certain skill sets than others!
  • There are two types of skill sets - soft skills and hard skills. BOTH are important to have in life because they help you in school, your job and really in everything you do!
  • HARD SKILLS are things you DO, physical skills like hammering a nail, kicking a ball or math.
  • SOFT SKILS are personality traits or ways that you act like being hard working, creative or a good communicator
  • You will need HARD skills and SOFT skills in life. For example - if you are a doctor you need to be able to use the tools (hard skill) and you also need to be able to talk to the patients (soft skill)
  • Hard Skill - using tools
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Soft Skill - communicating
  • While both soft skills and hard skills are important, often people find SOFT skills more important because they are harder to teach and learn, and you need them in all areas of your life to be successful and a good person!
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