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Updated: 1/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • the need for more land
  • we can go to Ohio River Valley
  • no that is to dangerous
  • where should we go
  • that is a great idea they do live on the best farmland
  • I have a great idea what if we go to Acadia
  • In the 1700s the British population was growing fast so British settlers needed to find land for more farms
  • Fine I have no choice
  • NO, we are not leaving
  • The British settlers were thinking of where to go for new farm lands. The Ohio River Valley was a good place but, the conflict of the French and the First nations made it dangerous
  • Now you better leave
  • What did we do to you
  • The British settlers turned to Acadia for a solution. Some British settlers to accept Britain's offer to settle in Acadia. And the reason they did is Acadians already were living on the best farm land.
  • You better go faster!!!
  • This is showing the British taking Acadians out of their homes. Also some historians think the expulsion of the acadians was a way for the British to get there farmland. So that is one reason I think that the British kicked out the Acadians
  • And if the Acadians refused to go with them they would burn there house down.
  • This is where the acadians were took and shipped to places far away.