Suleiman storyboard -Hope Richardson
Updated: 11/11/2020
Suleiman storyboard -Hope Richardson

Storyboard Text

  • helowwwooo
  • (Narrator) Hope goes to sleep but she wakes up to something scary
  • *Yawns* im tiredi cant wait till my test tomorrow about Suleiman
  • she smart really smart
  • (Narrator) Hope realizes she is not home and she is in Suleiman's bed!
  • where am I?
  • be quite this is gospel time get your bible from now on
  • im your narrator for the story sorry but my name is Fred now stop freaking out you couuld wake up a bear hibernating with your scream
  • she is already annoying she gonna get me killed and im just working here
  • hello my child im the eagle spirit now
  • ok sorry im Hope and where is the Suleiman i wanna see him but he prob dead now he was born in 1494
  • hello little boy have you heard of the Suleiman the Magnificent. Well im going to see him and his achivemnets are Suleiman's accomplishments while ruling as the Ottoman Sultan were by no means limited to his military expansion. He was an excellent leader and helped to transform the Ottoman Empire into an economic powerhouse. He reformed the law and created a single legal code.
  • (narrator) now hope is being weird praying with these people
  • whatever
  • ok this is cheesy this is the end folks BYEEEE
  • Hello Suleiman the magnificent im so proud of your work and your so amazing