Andrew Jackson
Updated: 4/5/2020
Andrew Jackson

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  • Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the $20 bill. He cheated his way into my bribing giving common people chances to work in the government. Making celebrations to make people vote for him. What he did to the Indians to move out of their home and relocate that was unfair taking away their home. Closing down a bank were wealthy people stored their money it was unfair. Also his economic decisions he did this is why he does not deserve to be on the $20 bill.
  • Sources: Us History TCINotesDefinitions
  • Camila A Jimenez
  • The Jackson Democracy is when Andrew Jackson came up with the idea to let common people control the government. He took advantage of farmers and workers, not the upper class to create a new party to reach the national voters. He planned parties and organized parades to get voters to vote for him. This is a reason for him to not be on the $20 bill because he kinda cheated.
  • Have you voted yet? I'm still debating who to choose but Andrew Jackson is a might because he does so many parades and gets the community together its lots of fun.
  • NO you? That's great he's pretty awesome he's one of my options.
  • The spoils system was the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs. It helped Andrew Jackson win votes from Common people. It was a good idea to get elected. But it was bad for the people that worked their and got fired the common probably didn't even know what to do.
  • I came up with an idea to fire the people that work here and let common people work I will get more votes from the common people if they knew they could work in government jobs.
  • It would be called the spoils system it's perfect Mr.President
  • The Indian removal policy is a law in 1830 called the Indian Removal Act. This allowed the US government the right to force Indian tribes to vacate their land and move to reservation lands, geographical areas the government had put aside for their use.
  • That's horrible why is he doing that that is unfair for the natives american they cant just leave their home. Imagine if that was us in that situation.
  • Hey can you believe what the president is doing.. Hes making native american's leave their home land and trying to relocate them .
  • Yes indeed what is this president trying to do?
  • \The states right of Andrew Jackson issued a proclamation for the people in South Carolina. After the proclamation Congress passed the Force Act it authorized the use of military force against any state that resisted the tariff acts. Jackson argued that the justification for state nullification of federal laws was misguided and unconstitutional for the country he tried to do something different for the country.
  • Did you hear about the states right changes that the president is doing?
  • Jackson and his supporters opposed the bank, seeing it as a privileged institution and the enemy of the common people. Andrew Jackson diden't like upper class people so he closed down the bank that holded upper class money it was it was a really good bank and everybody was upset.
  • Can you believe there closing the bank where am I going to work?
  • Me neither I don't have a job no more this president closed down the bank for no reason.`
  • This president is the worse why would he do that why did people vote for him.