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Updated: 2/21/2020
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  • Exposition
  • My Dad is going to let me use the Sun Chariot on the next morning.
  • Prove it son of Apollo!
  • Rising Action
  • You must promise to let me use the Sun Chariot
  • No! That is not possible. I only use it.
  • Rising Action
  • Ok Dad
  • Keep the middle path.
  • Exposition-The Setting is the Forest were a Village was settled. The characters were Phaethon, Apollo, Epaphus, Zeus, and the Heliad sister. The conflict is Phaethon lied to Epaphus about ride the sun chariot and now has to prove his lie.
  • Climax
  • Wait, I must prove to Epaphus!
  • Rising Action-Phaethon was on a journey to find the eastern palace and found his father. Phaethon tricks Apollo to give his promise and Apollo does not see this coming.
  • Falling Action
  • Phaethon why did you do it?
  • Rising Action-Apollo knows what Phaethon did and can't back down the promise. Apollo gave Phaethon some directions to "keep the middle way" or to not go too high or too low
  • Resolution
  • Phaethon... hope you learned you lesson.
  • Climax-Phaethon decides to take the sun chariot closer to the earth and his village to it's him driving. Phaethon broke the one rule Apollo put a pond him
  • Falling Action-Phaethon was get near the earth and was burning the earth, he went too high and the earth froze. Phaethon defrost the ice and cause some floods and hit the village. Zeus saw what was happening to the earth and killed Phaethon with his thunderbolt. 
  • Sorry, My family. Mom, Dad, and my sisters.
  • Resolution-Apollo turned the the Heliad sister into Poplar Tree and were crying out amber sap. Apollo only rides the sun chariot and no one else does from now one.
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