Kite Runner

Updated: 1/6/2021
Kite Runner

Storyboard Text

  • Amir
  • “I actually aspired to cowardice, because the alternative, the real reason I was running, was that Assef was right: Nothing was free in this world. Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba.”
  • Physical Traits: wearing jeans, clean, looks weak, not good at running but good at flying kite
  • Character Traits: selfish, self-interested, need parents love, need friends, betrayal
  • Hassan
  • Physical Traits: Hazara, look slightly Asian, round face like Chinese doll, hare lips, good at running
  • "For you, a thousand times over."
  • Character Traits: loyal friend, brave, altruistic, selflessness, positive, uneducated
  • Baba
  • “A boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything.”
  • Physical Traits: tall, large, strong, drink wine, good at kite competition. wide chest
  • Character Traits: brave, strong energy, high status, rich, successful, help orphans and poor, powerful
  • Ali
  • "They're hunting ducks…They hunt ducks at night, you know. Don't be afraid.''
  • Physical Traits: crippled leg, paralysis in his lower face muscles, children ridicule him, Hazara
  • Character Traits: loyal, devoted, loves all the people, have dignity
  • Assef
  • "You pathetic fool! Someday you'll wake up from your little fantasy and learn just how good of a friend he is. Now, bas! Enough of this. Give us that kite."
  • Physical Traits: blond hair, blue eyes, loves to bully others
  • Character Traits: horrifying, symbolizes villainy, tendency of violence, pretends a polite kid in front of adults
  • Rahim Khan
  • Please think, Amir jan. It was a shameful situation. People would talk. All that a man had back then, all that he was, was his honor, his name, and if people talked … We couldn’t tell anyone, surely you can see that.
  • Physical Traits: best friend with Baba, a gentlemen
  • Character Traits: high status, educated, warm, thoughtful, encourages Amir