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Updated: 2/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mrs.Teacher. Why should we care about the carbon cycle when we are learning about global warming?
  • That's a great question class...Let me show you
  • Carbon can be released mainly when we burn things. Carbon can also be released when we breathe due too cellular respiration!
  • Carbon can be hold in whats called reservoirs. These are things such as fossils, plants, even phytoplankton and ocean surfaces.
  • When we burn fossil fuels we release tons of old carbon into the atmosphere. This is an example of greenhouse gasses, because we are putting more carbon into the atmosphere than normal.
  • Trees and plants are what help take carbon out of our atmosphere. They perform photosynthesis which helps turn carbon into oxygen.
  • However, when we cut down trees. Less and less carbon is able to leave our atmosphere.
  • Carbon is one of the main greenhouse gasses. So, with all this excess carbon in the atmosphere. The more heat is trapped causing global warming class.