languages of speech homicide
Updated: 2/7/2020
languages of speech homicide

Storyboard Text

  • Sherlock Homes is in search of the homicidal serial killer, who he has tracked to Ken's gas station in New York city.
  • Nouns a word used to specify a person, place, thing or idea.
  • He hears a gunshot in the distance, runs towards it, thorough the alley, in the doorway and finds himself standing over a corpse.
  • Preposition shows a connection to another word or phrase in a sentence.
  • The authorities arrive at the crime scene arresting Sherlock and taking him into custody as a riot of people cheer the capture.
  • Verb A word that specifies a movement.
  • These men are being taken to their cells, shelock among one of them, however hes only here on probational purposes and will be released, but he still needs to stay the night.
  • Conjunction A word that prolongs a sentence or joins to phrases.
  • Adjectives A word that describes a noun.
  • Loyal Mr. Homes has now been released and must go through a viscous trial to prove his unquestionable innocents.
  • Everyone stared at him judgmentally as quietly stood courageously fighting for his freedom.
  • Adverb A word that describes a verb.