Updated: 2/10/2021

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  • when i get back from the eternal light it's ten Iris and soly are in the front yard where i left them.Mama said Iris didn't have kindergarten today so they know something important happened, only they're not sure what. Soly sits quietly in the front door playing with his toesIris on the other hand is one of her moods she marching's up and downsara is still sleeping make her stop don't be such a bossy brat i'm not she says stomping her foot I mean it Iris .Act your age or I'll smack you . go head she dares I'll tell.Goeheda
  • I tell mom he r about Mr.Bateman coming at one I leave out the part about the service having to be on Thursday. Mr. says not to worry the funeral will be beautiful. Mama doesn't look up. Go back to Mr. Bateman and tell him not to come. We can't pay . some one stolen the money fro the hiding place. It's not stolen I lie to make her feel better I took it to Mr.Bateman for the rest i will be right back i hop on my bike and head on to the shebeen
  • He hurts so much Mary she says all he can say his sara, sara jonah rocks his head chanda hi here she tells him jonah gets a puzzled look. His eyes drift shut Mary see me at a fresh gash on his forhead. He took a rock smashed his head to let the demons out she whispers. He should have smashed harder AT first Mary can't be