the broken blade by Aydan Loren
Updated: 2/27/2020
the broken blade by Aydan Loren

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  • Pierre's mom is sad, Pierre has to go but his dad is happy, he decided to go. He is leaving his family behind to be able to take care of them. He wants to go to make his father proud, but not sure with his mom.
  • I'm holding up a little queasy from leaving St. Annes, i'm going to the unknown, my blisters are hurting they are oozing with blood, but if i want this job i'm going to have to deal with it. Me and my brigade are not getting along because they make fun of me at times.
  • We ran the rapids it was super scary I have never been on rapids before, i´m saying its scary.My friend La Londe died saving all of us from dieing from jumping out of the boat.
  • We were paddling next to the shore but then we thought about crossing the gulf, we were trying to but we had to make a stop because how big the waves were, so once we stopped it got dark then Beloit started complaining about food so Beloit and Bellagard fought.
  • I had fun at the rendezvous, I are a lot of food that was good and I got told if i stayed in school i could become a clerk. I learned more about my old friend La Londe. I was dancing and I picked blue berries with Kennewah .
  • I am returning to my home, I really miss my family. I am going back next spring because its fun but harsh, i´m going back to school for the mean time so I can become a clerk in the business.