part-time Indian
Updated: 3/13/2020
part-time Indian

Storyboard Text

  • "Junior are you poor if you are pls tell me trues me "(Alexie 119)
  • The winter Formal
  • "yes I am poor i didn't want to tell you because i didn't know what were you going to say "(Alexie 119)
  • The basketball team
  • "you don't have to play this one kid i under tan what is happening"(Alexie)
  • grandmother funeral
  • I miss you grandmother
  • "am really sorry I told this belong to your grandmother It was"(Alexie) 160
  • This Is saying that Junior is poor.This mean that in the winter formal a big secret came out This matter because Junior is feeling that he can't show the true of him now
  • This is saying that Junior was going to a basketball game vs his old school.This mean that Junior make it to the basketball team and that he was going to go vs other schools even his old school.This matter because Junior and Rowdy are going Agnes each other.
  • This Is saying that Junior grandmother is gone.This mean that Junior is really bad because his grandmother is gone and she was kill by a drunk driven she never drink in there life.This matter because a guy name Ted come out of nowhere and say i have something that belong to your grandmother and it didn't belong o her.