Updated: 3/31/2021

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  • The city of spark
  • By Jeanne DuPrau
  • Hi We came from the city of emper our whole town is on there way hopefully.
  • Im poppy her littel sister
  • Welcome To the city of spark were are you from?
  • Ok thank you
  • You pepole can stay here
  • A few days later
  • Look pepole came
  • They made it to the city of spark. It was a nice place where the sun was real and there were plants and animals
  • This is our farm this is were all our food comes from
  • OK thank you we are very Hungrey
  • The nice lady gave us a place o stay and food.
  • Ew the mayor came
  • Every on came!!!
  • Many weeks Later
  • People from the city of ember came. we were happy to see our friends.
  • We showed them the farm the food and animals.
  • The rest of the town came and even the terrible mayor.