broken blade by Tanner Dittrich
Updated: 2/27/2020
broken blade by Tanner Dittrich
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  • noooooo
  • ahhhhhhhh
  • finally some rest
  • la Lande noooo
  • ahhhhhhhhhh
  • Pierre's father is cutting his thumb off.Pierre was verey worried at the time. he was also thinking what could of happen to papa.Papa was a voyager at the time.He will be leaving his friends and family behind.
  • Pierre and the brigade are at the church hoping for good luck. Shortly after they start to head on to there journey. Pierre is getting along with some voyagers they are teaching him how to do things. But the others are being mean and aggressive to him. It is going hard for Pierre because of his blisters and muscles.
  • My brigade ran the rapids.The weather was horrible,the wind never stopped,they were going twice the speed as normal. Men were getting lost,everyone was fighting for there lives. Men were saving each other.The saddest part is they ended  up loosing LA londe .
  • good to be back son
  • pierre your home
  • Crossing lake Superior was crazy.The waves were unbelievable,weather was horrible the wind never stopped. Everyone was paddling for there lives. Eventually we were near the shore . Everyone was scared and freaked out after crossing lake superior.
  • We made it to Grand Portage. The place was cheerful, we laughed and played games. We also danced that was really fun. It was my first time seeing a trading post. It was so joyful. There was a lot of trading bags to trade for. It was a happy place.
  • trading post
  • Pierre finally got home from his trip. He was so excited too see his family, Pierre father was so proud of him. I think Pierre will sign up next spring as a voyager. After all what Pierre has been through he still enjoyed being around his brigade. It was a fun journey with Pierre throughout the whole story.?
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