broken blade by Tanner Dittrich
Updated: 4/23/2020
broken blade by Tanner Dittrich

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  • jack
  • tommy
  • dad
  • johnny
  • lucas
  • mom
  • were all starving!
  • give us food!
  • This is my life as a miner. My name is johnny I live with a family of 6 people . Are house inst that big. We are mostly poor but we seem to work it out.My siblings are Jack,Tommy,and Lucas. yes all boys. Everyday my brothers and my dad have to walk to the mine we get paid 2 dollars a day for 15 hours. not the best but a way to earn some money while were in the mine my mom is at home working around the house.
  • every day i go down in the mine and work all day. Its 7 days every weak but sometimes on Friday we get off a little early. In the mine it is cold. its sometimes hard to breath its pitch black and your torch only last for about 30 minutes. when you come out of the mine you are covered in black and you'll be coughing all the time.
  • good day today guys
  • Someone everyday wakes up all the minors at 4:00 am we go to a big breakfast but it taste like eating scrums or leftovers from a fancy rich dinner. Everyone in the town is mainly poor or have not that much money. After your done with your nasty breakfast you go outside and other minors toss you a shovel then you get straight to work.
  • good work boys
  • This is are church it isn't that big, its a little beat down but we make the best of it.There are only 15 seats so there are a lot of times you can go.the minors usually do the one at 5:00 AM if there lucky enough to get some time off. and its usually on Sunday. endless its a special occasion
  • When your down in the mine you don't know what could happen.It could be either you dig to far into lava and the whole place burns and your done for. Or the cave cal laps and your also done for. When you mine your mainly looking for gold or jewelry or something special. Coal is easily found but the other stuff is more rare.
  • when your day is over as a miner you look back and see all the other fun things you can be doing weather that's as kid or an adult. but you realize how much work and effort it takes to be a miner and they would stand by that.when they would get back to there mining station or home they usually eat dinner or go straight to bed.