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WH Barbarians
Updated: 10/13/2020
WH Barbarians
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  • They were made up of three tribes: the Anglos, the Saxons, and the Jutes. The first two, being the larger, are the reason they have come to be known as the Anglo-Saxons
  • They were a fierce group, and fought many battles during their time.
  • The Anglo-Saxons were a farmer-warrior group that lived in Britain over a thousand years ago
  • They failed, with the Roman Army quickly sending them back home
  • 4th CenturyThe Anglo-Saxons attempt invading the Roman Empire
  • The Story of the Anglo-Saxons
  • They waited many years, until around 450 AD when they heard the Romans had left Britain.
  • This time they were successful, taking the British land and leaving their homes in Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark.
  • They sailed over to Britain on wooden boats, making this their new home
  • There were plenty of farmers prior to coming to Britain. This new land was beneficial to them because floodwaters back home made it very difficult to farm
  • From 739 AD the vikings started invading the Anglo-Saxons, plundering and raiding their towns, and setting up their own settlements in their place. In 1066 AD the Vikings final invasion took place during the Battle of Hastings, and the Anglo-Saxons were no more.
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