Updated: 5/6/2019

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  • I cant wait to get married Brad
  • yayyyyyyy cant wait to have a family with you Lauren
  • yay we can finally live at a neolocality location
  • you may now kiss the bride!
  • great...
  • 1 year later....
  • time to start a kinship
  • well first we need to become dual earners...
  • 6 months later....
  • I would love that... maybe we can have a polygamy relationship...hahaha totally kidding
  • hey... maybe we should go out to dinner sometime
  • a week after Brianna asks Brad out on a date.
  • I've really been wanting to create a sandwich family.. but this women is crazy i dont know what to do with her anymore
  • honey.. im home
  • Brad.... seriously? ive been working my butt off for you to cheat on me? I WANT A DIVORCE... get out of my house
  • are you serious... now ill have to be remarried.. ugh
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