French Rev.
Updated: 8/16/2019
French Rev.

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  • Tennis Court Oath
  • Down with the king!!
  • Lets stick together and not allow the king to divide!!
  • The National Assembly
  • ¨All men born and remain free and equal in rights.¨
  • Radicals Take Over the Revolution
  • OKAYY!!
  • Let´s all flee
  • OKAYY!!
  • The Third Estate names themselves the national assembly. They are forced out of the Estate General. They meet by the nearby tennis court and promise to stick together.
  • The Beginning of the Napoleonic Era
  • The National Assembly takes away the privileges from the 1st and 2nd Estates. The Declaration of Men says that ¨all men born and remain free and equal in rights.¨
  • The French Revolution 
  • The emigres spread fear into neighboring Monarchs. They are nobles and clergy who fled and wanted to preserve the monarchy in France. The National Assembly declares war on Austria, Prussia, Britain, and others.
  • Napoleon´s Rise to Power
  • The beginning of the Napoleonic Era was something that made the New Constitution. It was something that was made for the two house legislature, where the bourgeoisie had lead it to revolution.
  • This is where the bourgeoisie had led it to revolution.
  • The French enjoyed a sense of pride in their new country with the win. They had celebrated their win with symbols and the tricolor flag.
  • After gaining political power from the Directory victories against the neighboring, Monarchs made Napoleon a popular war hero. He then overthrows the Directory and takes the title as First Consul. He later declares himself emperor of France and this is where people in France hated the monarchy, so he held a plebiscite where he got approval from other people so it would be more fair.
  • I am holding a plebiscite so everythng is more fair.
  • Okay!
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