Updated: 3/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Josh Phillipssenior in college, The major I'm studying is gaming development, After I graduate my plan is to create my own studio for gaming and start creating my own video games.
  • AppsGodssheepastroblaster
  • this class taught us how to create apps for user.
  • Dpr 101 Introduction to Computer Science
  • I created apps in App Inventor to teach you small basics.
  • YOYOMario maze runningcar racerstickman
  • we started creating real video games. and characters for sprites.
  • Dpr 118 Game Creation Development
  • we created about five different games on YOYO games all for PC.
  • websitespacific trails resortGamer hub
  • this class was to teach us how to create web pages from scratch.
  • Imm 120 Web Page Design and Development
  • i created websites, with different color headers, and second pages.
  • Ux designPersonasrough uI design websites
  • For this class is to teach us how to make and identify UI designs
  • Imm 200 UX Design
  • so far we learned how to tell how to make each websites more visual appealing
  • imm projectsradio commercialsafety driving video
  • For this class we learned how to audio and music and make a video that like actual content.
  • Imm 201 Audio and Video for Multimedia
  • we created and edit videos by add different sounds