Matias el ciudadano

Updated: 10/6/2021
Matias el ciudadano

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Diego are you going to vote to vote sunday?
  • hello matias sincerely look at me I am not interested
  • but you participation is important .
  • hi guys what´s up?
  • I told you I´m not interested in your topic bye.
  • hi juan we were talking with Diego about Sunday´s elections but he is not interested in raising his voice as a citizen.
  • Don´t Worry matias, you can´t force a person to vote today but it is still a duty that corresponds to every citizen of this country
  • I understand Juan but even so I don´t think diego attitude is he is going to protest but he is not going to vote
  • I agree with you matias but today young people like us only go to the protest to desatry but not to generate the change which is demonstrated in these elections.
  • You are absolutely rigth diego will one day understand the importance of voting well juan it´s time to go I Look forward to sunday, goodbye.
  • Goodbye
  • END