The dog shooting
Updated: 11/7/2020
The dog shooting

Storyboard Description

Atticus shoots and kills mad dog

Storyboard Text

  • ONE
  • Oh no a mad dog. I must call Atticus
  • TWO
  • That dog is rapid we must kill it
  • Do not worry I brought my gun
  • ""Mr.Finch!" she shouted. "This is Cal. I swear to god there is a mad dog down the street..." (Lee 123)
  • FOUR
  • Atticus you should kill the dog
  • Dad cant do it he has glasses so he must be blind
  • "...I know a mad dog when I see one..." (Lee 124)
  • FIVE
  • wow he is a great shot
  • "As Calpurnia sprinted to the back porch a black Ford swung into the driveway. Atticus and Mr. Heck Tate got out." (Lee 124)
  • SIX
  • ""Take him, Mr. Finch." Mr. Tate handed the rifle to Atticus: Jem and I nearly fainted." (Lee 126)
  • Atticus cant do it he is old and frail
  • "Atticus pushed his glasses to his forehead; they slipped down, and he dropped them in the street." (Lee 127) "The rifle cracked. (Lee 127)
  • "He didn't know what hit him. Mr. Tate jumped off the porch and ran to the Radley Place." (Lee 127)
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