Updated: 2/21/2021

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  • God damn! It's 8pm now, I haven't completed my work. I promised my girl friend that I will meet her for dinner.
  • Hey! Draksha, I'm sorry it got late today. Will get 30mins late.
  • What! This is planned 10 days back. You never value me and my time. This is 5th time you are saying some or the other reasons. Don't call me again, good bye.
  • My life is shit! I don't want a partner who doesn't understand me. I'm really sad for choosing a wrong partner.
  • Hey bro, I just got to know you had breakup. Don't worry you will find one who can understand you and care you.
  • Okay! I'll try and create my profile.
  • Have you heard of app called bumble, you can find people who you can trust and find a partner who is understandable.