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Updated: 3/18/2020
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  • ` The crusades created relations between Byzantines and Muslims allowing for increased trade and Muslim and Byzantine libraries created pieces of Greek literature that were unknown to Europeans.
  • As well as knowledge of plants,irrigation animal breeds, and spices like pepper,cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Goods
  • New trade routes stretched out to China if it wasn't for the discovery that the Muslims were trading to India
  • The astrolabe, which aided navigation, and the triangular sail, which increased manoeuvrability.Became essential needs for sailing. That would later on help in the discovery of new countries
  • The pointed arch from Muslim mosques was copied in western Gothic architecture. Western castle-designers adopted the idea of concentric castles, with layers of walls, from Muslim castles they had seen on Crusade.
  • After the crusades many English, Welsh and French kings took the concentric concept and combined it with what they saw on the crusades and developed it to become majestic castles and fortresses like Chateau Gaillard in France, Dover Castle in England, and Caernarvon Castle in Wales.
  • The Crusades taught us that good things will come out of losing and it might change many lives as it has had a massive influence on the modern Western European world today
  • Legacy and influence
  • The Crusades led to the emergence of military and religious orders which were founded during the First and the Second Crusades.
  • The crusades cast a very long shadow,with works of art, literature and even wars endlessly recalling the imagery, ideals, successes and disasters of the holy wars into the 21st century CE.
  • The main way that the Crusades increased European interest in trade was by exposing them to more goods than they had previously known about trading for. When the Crusaders spent time in the Middle East, they found that the Arabs and other Muslims had been trading with places farther east.
  • These designs would later be known as the main concepts of a castle and inspired books and television programs
  • Some of th Crusades have become well known as the subjects of video games such as 'Assassin’s Creed'. The most famous one is the Knights Templar. These knights had the job of protecting the wealth of the pilgrims as they travelled. They became rich themselves and helped lay down the principles of modern international banking.
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