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How To Sculpt With Air Dry Clay
Updated: 11/19/2020
How To Sculpt With Air Dry Clay
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  • Hi I Will Be Teaching You How To Make Among Us Sculptures With Air Dry Clay!
  • Step 1 You Need The Supplies You Will Need A Plastic Knife,Maybe Paper (For The Character To Stand , Molding Tool You Can Find In The Dollar Store , Any Kind Of Clay That Is Good For Molding , Gloves and , Scissors.
  • Step 2 Take Out Any Color You Want, Make A Ball,Flatten It And Make It A Little Thick.Step 3 Make A Hole In The Bottom Middle And Try To Make Kinda 2 Small Thick Rectangles.
  • Step 4 Take A Small Amount Of White Clay And Flatten It.Make A Rectangle That Is A Little Thick,Put It On The Right Up Kinda Middle Part Of The Character Or If You Have The Plastic Knife Cut A Line In The Bottom Middle And Mold Feet!(Try Ur Best)
  • Step 5 Make A Small Ball Of The Same Color You Used For Step 1 and Make A Skinny Rectangle That's A Little Thick And If You Want Ur Character To Stand Put Paper Under The Character For 24 Hours.If You Don't Want To Do That Then You Don't Have To.
  • And Ur Done!If You Want Accessories I Think You Can Do That Urself Now That You Know How To Sculpt A Little Bye!!
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