Physical and Chemical Changes
Updated: 11/4/2020
Physical and Chemical Changes

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  • Thanks for coming over to study! I need to pass this science exam.
  • No problem Jake!
  • Hey Mal, what are chemical and physical changes?
  • Chemical and physical changes happen all around us! For this one, lets go outside!
  • Another example would be water freezing in the fridge! It is just changing state, so it is physical!
  • Take this leaf, if I crush it up, that is a physical change.
  • Physical changes are changes that happen to its appearance. Not its chemical property.
  • What if I burn this candle? The candlestick is burning so that means it is a Physical change. Right?
  • Oh Jake! The candlestick burning is a CHEMICAL change!
  • How is that?
  • Whats another example of a chemical change?
  • So anything cooking/burning is ALWAYS going to be a chemical change.
  • Well, the candlestick is turning into ash and smoke, so that means it is changing into a brand new substance!
  • Another example would be baking a cake! The batter of the cake rises and changes from eggs, milk, and flour, to the sweet and delicious cake!
  • The cake is changing chemical properties from all the different substances to just one with TOTALLY new properties
  • mmm cake
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