Updated: 1/10/2021

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Teach now homework

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  • Hello, thank your for coming to talk about Tommy's recent performance at school.
  • Nice to see you. Mr. Nal
  • Recently, Tommy seems not very concentrated in class and his grades is also dropped from 7 to 4, he is not active in class and seems sleepy, it's the same situation in other subject, do you know what might be the reason caused his behavior changing?
  • From my observation, nothing unusual happened at home, but he is playing more video game recently.
  • This might be the reason, he looks tired in class and easy to be distracted and hard to focus on the lesson when I am teaching. Do you know when does he normally go to bed ?
  • I am not sure, the light in his room is off around 11, but I do not know if he is stay up late on his phone or ...
  • okay! Thank you for the information. Is there any way you can supervise or set a restriction on how long he can be on his video game at home so he can go to bed on time and have enough energy for school?
  • We normally do not do that, he is a quite self-disciplined kid.
  • It seems like he might need more support and supervision on how long he should spend on his video game. he seems always sleepy in class.
  • okay, I will have a conversation with him and ask how long does he spend to play games.
  • That would be really helpful. I am not trying to ask about your personal life, but may I ask how long do you spend time with Tommy everyday averagely?
  • It's okay. Me and his dad are both busy, I normally go home around 9 o'clock and his dad goes home around 10.
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