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Updated: 9/3/2021
Keith Meekins StoryBoard

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  • The setting takes place in the Mead Hall when Beowulf and the geats come up with a plan take down Grendel at night while they fake sleeping
  • Beowulf is someone who is heroic and brave.He is much stronger than other humans and he is not afraid to go against anything that comes his way 
  • Grendel is a being that will kill and eat anything that bothers him.He has no regards for others and he feeds off them and their despair 
  • Beowulf and Grendel battled which ended and in Beowulf's victory and in defeat Grendel lost his arm.That showed how courageous he was, finishing something no one else could. 
  • Beowulf went deep underwater to Grendel's lair to purge Grendel's mother existence. It showed how determined he was to get rid of all evil and maintain peace.
  • Beowulf fought against a dragon to make sure his Kingdom was safe.He wasn't doing so good in the fight but he stayed anyways for the sake his kingdom and for his fame
  • The Universal theme is care. Everybody cares for someone or something,even if its for selfish reasons.Beowulf cared for his fame, his home, and most importantly his friends and family