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  • please write in your notebooks!
  • AM This might change things in the story because now Mr. Daniels knows that Ally has dyslexia. This scene was important because after this Ally starts to gain her teachers trust because he said that he would help her with her dyslexia.
  • When you look at letters, Do they seem to move.?
  • Of course they do"!
  • TQ this question makes me wonder if Mr. Daniels knows by now that Ally has dyslexia. This scene is important because now Ally is starting to realize more and more that she can"t read like other people can.
  • please read quietly.
  • How areother people able to read letters that move
  • WW The life lesson is to not let people take advantage of you. This scene is important because Ally gets important information from her brother saying that nobody should take advantage of you.
  • Well, that’s really generous of you. Seventy-five bucks for a pennythat’s been dipped in nitric acid
  • Now, listen—
  • Whenpeople have low expectations of you, you can sometimes use it to youradvantage
  • AA The author keeps bringing up coins and money because it reminds Ally of her grandpa and her father. This scene is impotent because Ally is bringing up when her father left for the army so he gave her a Travis some pennies
  • 1/9/23Show In Tell!
  • My dad is in the army and he’s deployed right now. On the day my dadleft, he gave Travis and me these pennies.
  • MMthis memory is important because this memory is why Shay and Jessica don't like Ally. This scene impotent because this scene is where Ally,Shay, and Jessica rivalry start because Ally stuck her fingers into Shay's cupcake.
  • So how do you like that
  • dear diary
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