Korean War Timeline
Updated: 5/16/2020
Korean War Timeline
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  • In 1904, Korea was under colonization and the Japanese were fighting over the country. Korea become part of the Japanese empire through an annexation treaty. In 1945, the Americans took over Japan, leaving Korea on its own.
  • Decades Of Occupation
  • Split at the End of WWII
  • In spring 1945, the Americans and Soviet Union helped fight off the Japanese and they were able to set Korea free The Americans and Soviet Union left the country in 1949. The two sides had big hopes that democratic elections and government would be established there. This was all occurring at the same time as the Cold War.
  • United Nations Resolution 83
  • Battles to The Chinese Border
  • The Chinese Civil War
  • North Korea's neighbor China, was fighting in it own Civil War for decades. Despite the start of WWII, after the war, the civil war in China still continued. The Nationalists, that supported capitalism, were eventually defeated by the Republic of China, which supported communism. China's acceptance of communism helped contribute to the domino theory that caused the spread of communism.
  • Communist North Korea, crossed the 38th parallel in June of 1950. This was their invasion of democratic South Korea. Korea was split into two sides North and South. The leader of North Korea, Kim II Sung, wanted to add South Korea to his communist empire. As the North Koreans moved farther into South Korea, the North Koreans moved farther in North Korea. This was the start of the Korean War.
  • North Invades the South
  • Because they needed to discuss what was occurring, The United Nations planned a meeting to discuss. The Soviet Union was angered because they felt as though the UN didn't declare communism as the government of China. They protested instead of going to the meeting, This allowed the creation of Resolution 83. This resolution stated that the UN should help fight for the South Korea. Harry Truman got the Americans involved in fighting for the South Koreans. The Americans got involved to stop the spread of Communism. They would have certain policies and law to stop the spread. This is called a Containment Policy.
  • An American led group of 1,000,000 soldiers helped aid South Korea in their fight. After several victories, the North Korean's were successfully moved back to the 38th parallel. The troops continued to push the North Korean troops and eventually pushed them into the Chinese borders. If the United Nations provoked the Chinese troops, they stated they would fight back. Also the American's General, Douglas MacArthur was fired because of a disagreement on how to get rid of communism.
  • "Stand Back. We will fight!"
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