Foundations of Democracy
Updated: 1/27/2020
Foundations of Democracy
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By Miles C.

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  • Social Contract
  • A social contract is an agreement between the government and the people.
  • The government gives people basic needs in exchange for money to pay for it. If the people feel the government is unfair, they can revolt.
  • The four roles of government are the government's duties.
  • Protect the country, keep order, make laws, and help citizens.
  • The military protects us, the police keep order, and there are laws to keep things fair and help citizens.
  • The Four Roles of Government
  • The first limitation is the constitution. Everybody must follow it, even the government.
  • Then there's separation of power. Not everybody has all the power, it is divided up.
  • Five Limitations on Government
  • Consent of the governed is the citizens agreeing to be governed.
  • 5 limitations on government
  • Rights of the minority are rights for a smaller, unpopular group. They still have a voice and are considered.
  • It includes order & security, legitimacy, equal application of law, procedural fairness, and checks & balances.
  • Rule of law keeps laws fair and enforced.
  • This is what we've learned about how the government works in our country.
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