The Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/18/2021
The Monroe Doctrine

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The story of the monroe doctrine.

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  • Hello Nathaniel! Can you believe we won the war? What an easy win it was my friend, ay?
  • You are quite right ol' fellow. But what are we going to do about Europe. I sure hope they don't interfere with our westward expansion!
  • We demand an answer!
  • Henceforth, I introduce the Monroe Doctrine.
  • "Monroe Doctrine"
  • *European soldiers*
  • After the war of 1812, America as a whole gained a new sense of pride in the country. However, they knew they still needed a policy to deal with foreign affairs, specifically Europe.
  • This is outrageous! How dare they forbid us from colonization!
  • In 1822 there was talk about France, Austria, Russia, and Prussia creating a plan to help Spain regain territory within the Latin america continents. This left the Americans and the president with the burning question, "How do we keep this land for ourselves?"
  • Banned from the country:France, Spain, Prussia, Russia
  • Aw come on! I traveled all the way from Russia for this!
  • So, in 1823, President james Monroe introduced a statement that would later become the U.S. foreign policy, titled the Monroe Doctrine.
  • The Monroe Doctrine stated that the U.S would no longer get interfere with Europe's internal affairs and the wars it was in. It also stated that Europe was no longer allowed to establish colonies in the Americas.
  • The Monroe Doctrine created a border between the Americas and the rest of the world, and Americans did not want Europe to cross it. However, any previously established clonies were allowed to stay.
  • In the end, the Monroe Doctrine is an essential part of our history, because it became known as The United State's foreign policy to handling foreign affairs. It is still referenced today.
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