Updated: 12/7/2020

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  • Hey Jacks, you shouldn't smoke. It's bad for your health.*sigh.. I wish I'd never started it..
  • Look who's talking, Didn't you always offer me cigarettes in the past? Why are you questioning my decisions?
  • People might say that if same-sex marriage is legal, then it won’t be long before people demand to marry minors.
  • If it becomes legal to marry children, this can open up the floodgates for other arrangements, like marrying animals or inanimate objects.
  • Can you just admit for once that you’re unwilling to see another person’s perspective?
  • No, I’m only willing to see my own perspective.
  • LOOK WHO'S TALKING - an arguer rejects another person's argument or claim because that person fails to practice what he or she preaches.
  • SLIPPERY SLOPE- occurs when someone assumes a very small action will lead to extreme outcomes.
  • LOADED QUESTIONS - Like the possible to answers to other loaded questions, both options implicate something damaging about the person who is being questioned that can hurt their reputation. It’s posed in a way that prompts them to answer it with a confirmation statement, even if this isn’t what they would typically do.
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