Rumplestiltskin fractured fairytale
Updated: 12/15/2020
Rumplestiltskin fractured fairytale

Storyboard Text

  • I'm the...Prettiest! Best swimmer! Tallest! Best skiier!
  • OH MY! I must get ready. I'll shop for a dress on Ebay
  • Not too long ago, there was a girl called Kayla who could never stop boasting. Her stepfather had always tried to humble her but she just kept boasting...
  • Over the years, Kayla stayed haughty and never missed the chance to tell anyone about herself. One day, she found out that there was a beauty competition! However, her stepfather had heard and decided that he had to save his daughter from embarrassment
  • In need of help, he called stylist who would help him called Roonil Wazlib. He agreed on one condition. IF he would let him take her. Desperate to help her, he agreed
  • Thanks to Roonil's talent, Kayla won! Realising what he had done, his father begged Roonil to let him take her back. Roonil said that the father could, IF he could guess the middle name of his dog.
  • But little did he know, Roonil did NOT have a dog and it would be impossible to get her back. Roonil eventually realised how annoyingly ARROGANT and SPOILED Kayla was and, begged her dad to take her back.
  • The father, who obviously realised how annoying she was, and didn't want to be troubled ny her, disagreed and lived a happy, peaceful life with his second daughter Kayley.