Dialog Project #1
Updated: 11/2/2020
Dialog Project #1

Storyboard Text

  • Join the Club!!
  • Intro: (Fullshot) Tyler is seen trying to hand out fliers but is failing. Someone is forced to take it but after a few steps...
  • (Fullshot to panning) The person drops the flier and the camera pans over to it, revealing the flier to say "Join the Club" (the title)
  • Hey bro my name is Tyler, ever thought about joining a club? If so, join Save The Earth Club
  • (Fullshot) Tyler is looking around for students who would like to join his club. He turns his head one way, then the other.
  • Nah bro, I’m not interested...
  • (Twoshot) Barry is revealed, sitting on a bench. Tyler starts walking towards Barry.
  • (Over the Shoulder Shot) Tyler introduces himself then asks him to join his club.
  • (Medium shot) Barry rejects the offer and continues on with what he was doing.