Dialog Project #2
Updated: 11/2/2020
Dialog Project #2

Storyboard Text

  • Well how about this, can you just hear me out for a bit?
  • I’ll listen, but I won’t care...
  • Alright cool man, let’s go!
  • (Medium Shot) The camera switches to Tyler who asks Barry to hear him out.
  • Where we going?
  • (Medium Shot) The camera switches back to Barry who explains that he will listen, just not care.
  • Never mind that was just a figure of speech...
  • (Medium Shot) The camera switches back to Tyler who says....
  • Okay, so right now the club is focusing on Global Warming, have you heard about-
  • (Tilt-POV shot) Barry looks confused and asks where they are going.
  • (Close Shot) Tyler explains that it is just a figure of speech. Barry understands.
  • Okay...
  • (Close shot) Tyler takes a breath and starts explaining what the club is about but gets interrupted, the camera pans...