Unknown Story
Updated: 11/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Making permanent shelters
  • With Nick and Nell
  • Us people in the Paleolithic age used caves or rough, ten-like structures. These were temporary because we were always on the move. We could not stay in one place for too long because we always needed food. So, we would stay in caves, or tent-like things while we were in one place for a short amount of time. Then we would move on to find more food.
  • We built houses in rectangular shapes. We would use mud bricks, packed together, stones and tree branches, clay, and much more. We would have pits for food storage and cooking. We also had ladders to get into rooms of our homes.
  • We used our houses to store and cook food by having places to store food built right into the floor. We also had puts lined with clay that we would use for cooking. We would put water and stones in the pits to cook with.
  • Us developing these permanent houses was important because it gave us the capability of building communities and having all of us together in one place. Our homes were by each other and we were all together in permanent places.
  • We had all of our farming going on around us and we were all together as a permanent group. We worked together in a sense of community.